January 2020 Update

Egloskerry have booked their Outdoor lessons with Ms Unwin from April 27th-July 6th.

November 2019 Update

This term Ms Unwin is working with Egloskerry students from 20th September to October 18th inclusive, focussing on Gardening activity and maintenance, which is what they wanted to do. Regardless of weather conditions pupils love being outside, not even the intense rain showers of 27th  have held them back,So far, pupils have been harvesting and sorting their apples, (good eatable ones, creature nibbled and rotting ones, and those infested with brown rot!). They are also harvesting cherry tomatoes, runner beans and raspberries which can be utilized by ‘cook’ in their school lunches. Old and unwanted greenery is pruned back, using a variety of tools and composted as appropriate. Debris is swept up and leaves collected to fill leaf mulch bags which will help protect their growing beds over the winter months.

In the Spring term Egloskerry would like their OL lessons on Mondays to avoid clashing with swimming.

January 2019 Update

Ms Unwin will be resuming her teaching at Egloskerry after ½ term with ‘the magic of the woods/forest’ theme.

2018 update

Ms Unwin has now finished her 8 x week ‘Outdoor Learning’ programme, supporting their whole school theme on Ancient Britons & Romans. The children in all classes have been very well behaved and very receptive, toward all of the practical activities (which they know as ‘Flearning’, that is having fun whilst learning outdoors). They love being outdoors and we have been blessed with fantastic weather each session. Thank you to all staff who have made me welcome and put up with my idiosyncratic ways! More info and photos can be found on Egloskerry face book page and a list of all activities undertaken on our own web page.

Ms Unwin will continue in the autumn term following the school’s WW1 and WW2 theme.


Where is Rome?     What did they wear?     Who were the Ancient Britons?   What did they wear    Try clothes on .What is woad?    Start to erect a Round House,   Taste Roman Wine and biscuit

Revise previous learning together,   plant herbs and beans, Where did Romans live? Make mud bricks, Taste wine/veg.

Check our knowledge, dye cloth using plants, Make an amulet to wear, dress up as a Celt/Roman, Taste wine and  dates.

Quiz, Make a Bulla/Lunula, Use hammer and dyes to work metal, Make a silver Denarius, taste bread and olive oil.

Work and games-Ludus, Rota, knuckle bones, Hop Scotch, clip tunica, sew with wooden needles peplos.  Make model Insulae, Taste wine and olives.

Being a Druid/Bard/Chieftain – role play, break up rocks for rubble, paint horned helmets, make a mosaic, taste honey cakes and wine.

Roman and Celtic Laws- role play punitive and restorative justice, learn about cheese, weave Round House, make a human aqueduct, make a Roman road, taste cheese and biscuit.

Soldiers and Warriors- Erect Contuberniums and Celtic Benders, Organize heat source, See how the tortoise worked.Make up Egloskerry standards. Dress in period clothing- taste bacon butty/wine.