Launceston College’s eContactBook is our new way of communicating homework (and other information) with students and parents. Instead of students writing down homework during lessons, with the possibility of incorrectly recording the details, instead the teacher sets the homework to the class electronically.

This also means that, reminders can be automatically sent to student and optionally parents, to remind them that homework is due.

Using eContactBook, students can also view praise points, sanctions, College rules, urgent message board (for example emergency school closures), passwords for other websites that College uses and much more. We hope to add even more features later.

eContactBook is designed to be usable on desktop and laptop computers but also mobile devices. Soon an app will be able available with ‘push notifications’ available for reminders.

Due to the sophisticated technologies used with this system, unfortunately the Internet browser that comes with Microsoft Windows, ‘Internet Explorer’ does not work very well with it. We highly recommend using a different browser, for example Google Chrome.

Login to eContactBook Login to eContactBook Instructions for Students and Parents Instructions for Students and Parents