Logging in

To login to eContactBook, students need to use their normal College username and password that they would use when logging onto Computers or laptops.

Parents/carers can setup their own username and password for eContactBook. On the login page, choose the ‘Create parent account’ button. In order to confirm that you have the appropriate parental responsibility, you will need your mobile phone and your child will need to enter their username and password. You’ll then be able to create your own login by entering your email address and choosing a password.


The eContactBook system’s main use at the moment is for homework. To access your homework, choose Homework from the main menu. You’ll then be shown a summary of all the homework set for you, in order of it’s due to be handed in date. To view the full homework, click (or tap) on the homework. You’ll then see the details of the homework and any files that the teacher has provided to go with the homework.

To keep track of your homework and to prevent your homework being recorded as overdue, please use the ‘homework status’ buttons to keep track of which homework you have completed and which you have not. Your subject teacher and your tutor will be able to see your homework status too.

If you have started a piece of homework, but not managed to complete it yet, you can set it as ‘in progress’ so you know you need to finish it off. You will still get a reminder about homework set as ‘in-progress’ the day before it is due.

College Information on the main menu is where you can find the College’s rules and information such as uniform, code of conduct, etc.


So you don’t forget that you have an item of homework to do, if you have some homework that hasn’t been marked as complete, you can get a reminder about it. The reminder will be sent the day before its due to be handed in at about 3.15pm (earlier on weekends).

If you have a mobile device and install the eContactBook app (when it is available), you will automatically receive (push notification) reminders that homework is due otherwise, if you prefer, you can register your mobile phone to receive text messages of these notifications.

To set this up, choose ‘Your details’ from the main menu, then link mobile phone. Next, enter your mobile phone number and choose ‘Send verification code’ a code will then be sent to that mobile number which you’ll need to enter in below. A message should be displayed indicating the code was correct and any future notifications for you will be sent to that mobile number.