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Easter holiday message to parents and students

Dear Parents

Thank you so much on behalf of everyone at Launceston College for all the support you have given us this week as we have started to roll out the process of home learning. I wanted to share with you the message that I have shared with students to help reassure them over the Easter holidays. I will be in contact again next term but until then please stay safe and take care.


Dear students

I hope you are well and slowly adjusting to a new way of learning. Please don’t worry if you are finding it all a little bit overwhelming, change takes time to adjust to and the College is still here to support you. Please keep in touch with your friends, your teachers and tutors, by whatever form of communication you can safely from home. If you have found the home learning work this week too difficult, too easy, too confusing, or found that there is too much work or not enough work, please don’t worry, we will be working hard after the Easter holidays to get this right for you all.

What you need to do now is have a break and look after yourself. Have a rest and relax at home the best you can.


Best wishes

Jenn Burn