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Culinary Skills Bronze Award

We are delighted that Kerry Hillman 9TP, Asha Chevannes 9SI and Amy Widgery 9SI have completed with Miss Smith the skills element of their Bronze Award through the planning and creation of a variety of amazing culinary dishes.

Some of which were made under the strictest of lockdown conditions and dealing with a shortage of key ingredients. All students aimed and succeeded in developing both their passion for baking and the opportunity to learn and practise some higher level cooking skills.

Amy’s successes included a themed “Friday Night Dinner” with a delicious roast, challah bread and crumble, Asha enjoyed making a range of vegan dishes, a dog shaped cake and multi element dishes like lemon meringue pie and Kerry successfully made both meat based and vegetarian dishes, including vegetarian sausages and a beautiful cake for her mother.

Well done to all for their achievements and good luck to them and other Launceston College students in the completion of their Duke of Edinburgh awards this year in not the easiest of circumstances.