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Cornish 9/11 hero remembered at Launceston College

Susan Rescorla visited Launceston College on Wednesday 13th March to plant a tree in memory of her husband Rick and meet the students of the House who carry his name.

Rick Rescorla lost his life in on September 11th 2001 whilst

saving the lives of 2700 people from the twin towers. He was last seen heading back up the stairs to see what more he could do.

Susan shared in cream tea with students before planting a Tamar Apple tree, kindly sponsored by The Conservation

Volunteers as part of their Big Tree Plant, and speaking to the students in a moving and inspiring assembly.

Speaking of the day Susan said

“The idea of Rescorla House came from the College’s students. Rick would love this, he was a real educator. I think it’s wonderful, the more people know about Rick and his story. That’s what it’s all about. Taking the legacy of 9/11 forward for everyone affected by it. Now with Rescorla House, Launceston College are part of this legacy and I am very proud of this”


Afterward the Rescorla journalists got the chance to talk to

Susan Rescorla and ask her these questions:

If you could describe your husband in one word what would it be?


What do you like about Cornwall?

Everything, I love coming to visit Rick’s family in Hayle and the beautiful coastline.

How does it compare to America?

It’s magical, everyone is so friendly.

What type of soldier was he?

He was strong, a warrior and he had a passion for people.

What was he like to live with?

Exciting., hard working and a true friend.

What were his best qualities?

He was faithful, responsible, and a man of all seasons.

What do you want to take away from today