Course: Students at Launceston College construction center will study the City and Guilds bricklaying courses

Please go to your year group on the Construction Google classroom site. using your college email and password.

There you will find .

All Homework assessment plans.

All the revision books.

Practice Question papers.

For the following.

Entry certificate- year 10- 6219 /01 The entry level in construction skills / extended.: 6219-

For Year 11  ( After completing the entry and extended) they undertake the

6705-13 Diploma level 1 bricklaying

End unit exam  101  102  103 104 105

Online exam principles of building construction information and communication

202 health and safety online examination

Ref  book

After completing the entry and extended units ) you need to undertake the level 1 then commence onto a workplace pre apprenticeship course.

This is based loosely on a level 2 and Level 3 bricklaying course and will evidence the apprenticeship qualification.

Other reading resources include

The City & Guilds Textbook: Level 3 Diploma in Bricklaying Beattie Justin

Bricklaying Level 2 Diploma

Brickwork and Bricklaying: A DIY Guide

How to use this resource: Students are able to used to check subject knowledge and understanding.

Past papers are also provided to help with checking understanding.

Key knowledge quizzes

Each session students are tested the core knowledge questions for each unit they are undertaking, including key terminology for all the unit. Students are given the answers after each quiz to aid undertaking the same quiz a second time should they have not achieved a pass mark. This is particularly important as students will need to understand the language used within the industry the external IQA will be looking for key terminology to be used accurately in the answers.

This activity is focused on key exam questions for each unit. Students can use this to mind map subject knowledge and to have a go at answering exam type questions. This helps to check understanding and application of the subject knowledge. Students can then receive feedback from their teachers. This is particularly useful for revising subject knowledge and checking understanding. As well as applying the knowledge to specific questions.

Upon completion of level 2 units the students are taken to an external centre to undertake a health and safety assessment to achieve a CSCS site access card. it is at this point we allow the students to undertake site experience leading to a National Vocation Qualification for the industry in the UK.