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Conservation Week

During our annual ‘Active Learning Week’ a group of students took part in conservation activities at the Westcountry Wildlife Centre. The centre was established in 2009 by the naturalist Derek Gow and is an utterly unique facility. Natural wildlife is abundant with well-established populations of red and roe deer, badgers, foxes and otters. Barn owls and ravens are common together with a range of smaller bird species such as meadow pipits, goldfinches, linnets and yellowhammers.  There is a broad butterfly compliment and the ancient hedge banks offer delightful displays of wildflowers. The students had an amazing learning experience looking at many areas of conservation; we had a tour of the site, meeting wild boar, highland cattle, pole cats, wild cats, water voles, minks, foxes, white storks, black storks, herons, owls, stoats and much more! We also dissected owl pellets, set animal traps, took plaster cast moulds of animal tracks and built a bug hotel. Many students particularly enjoyed the opportunity to get incredibly close to a number of animals and birds during photography workshop, taking some amazing images, which were entered in a hotly contested photography competition at the end of the week. We would like to thank Derek and his team for a fabulous week.