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Climate Change Statement

Launceston College is proud to be leading the way with its commitment to eliminate single use packaging. Everything that is produced in our catering department is packaged in compostable products which is made from sugar cane and corn starch. Products include wrap boxes, sandwich wedges, coffee cups, salad pots, pasta pots and even cutlery. We have secured recycle bins for plastic bottles and where possible single use plastic bottles have been swapped for cans and cartons which are more widely recycled. We are exploring how we can recycle and compost even more of our waste.

The Sports Hall has a large solar panel array on the roof to produce electricity which is fed back into the College, roof cladding has been replaced to maximise potential for energy savings and our boilers are currently being replaced by more energy efficient ones. During the last three years we have removed all our single glazed windows and replaced these with UPVC double glazed units. The improvements in insulation have been felt already!

We are expanding the number of student leadership positions relating to the environment, and actively encouraging students to get involved in caring for their local environment.