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Chemistry Lecture

On Monday 14 March our Chemistry students had a lecture on the processes involved in getting a drug approved for use. The speaker was Dr Alan Whittle who has a wealth of experience in this area. He has worked for over 35 years with distinction for companies including ICI, Zeneca and Maybridge Organics. The focus was on Lynparza; a drug used on a range of cancers to great effect in those people who have the BRCA1/2 gene fault.

There were a number of important messages. Perhaps most striking was that the costs and timescales are eye-watering. It typically takes 10 years and £1.5bn to take a drug to market (and the majority fail). This shows clearly that getting Covid vaccines developed and approved in approximately 12 months was remarkable.

The lecture was very well delivered to about 20 of our students. They were thoroughly engaged in the lecture and had a few questions to ask afterwards. They were all very appreciative of Dr Whittle giving his time and experience to them with his inspiring message of what Chemistry can achieve for us