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Causley House Student Success

The boys in Year 9 in Causley House, have had some notable success in the sporting arena recently.

A number of students from Causley and other Houses have had a very successful football season, getting their Under 14 team promoted for the 4th season in a row. A few of the boys have written a report about the season below.

Southgate Colts Football Club under 14 team

This season Southgate colts under 14 team got promoted because we had good team spirit and tried our very best in every game. The members of the team were 1. Chalky 2. Jacob 3. Nick 4. Harvey 5. Charlie 6. Simon 7. Jared 8. Lewis 9. Josh 10. Alex 11. Liam r 12. Liam s 14. Will 15. Tom B 16. Tom H 17. Josh G. Members of the team are all from Year 9 across the houses in Launceston College. Students in the photo are from 9RMB and 9VS and are members of Causley House.

It was a massive accomplishment for Southgate Colts Football Club, to get promoted and reach the cup final for the fourth time in a row. No other Southgate team has ever done that more than twice in a row so we really are a special bunch. It is all thanks to Geoff Burns and David Reardon for keeping the squad going, for training and making us a great team. Also thanks to Yvonne King for keeping the Southgate Colts Community going for another year.

Written by Josh M, Liam R and Liam S of 9RMB 

Another student Tarran Davey, also in Year 9 was also selected for the British Ski Academy and spent a month in the alps training with some top team GB coaches. He has also written a report about his experiences.


On the 1st of March 2014 I left my home along with my friends and family for 4 weeks with the British Ski Academy. For the next moth I was trained harder than before, I was pushed beyond my limits, with some success, some great times, and some failure. I made many new friends and we had some great laughs.

My experience was both thrilling and terrifying; I took a lot away from this trip like independence, self-discipline and organisation. This is something I will never forget and would love to do again at any given opportunity.

One of my best success from this trip was coming 17th out of 101 in slalom event.  

Congratulations to all the students involved.