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Castles Day 2017

The history department at Launceston College organise Castles Day each year for Year 7 students, as part of our “Medieval Realms” scheme of learning. On Wednesday 7th June over 240 students and staff descended on the town centre and took part in various activities to explore the rich history of Launceston, particularly the medieval period.

Castle Lanstefan provides residents and visitors to Launceston with a profound impression of medieval lordship glowering over the town. Little of the castle survives, but it still dominates the town; the motte with its high tower, the skeletons of the former gatehouses and some lengths of the curtain wall.

During the day students gained a deeper understanding of life in medieval Launceston and also how William gained control of England through the building of castles. The students worked enthusiastically within their tutor groups to explore the history of our town and spent the day working resiliently in the sun and drizzle, undertaking different activities. These included the castle bailey, doomsdale and keep and the Lawrence House Museum. Students were able to handle replicas of clothing and materials, design medieval menus and discover the history steeped within Launceston, some for the very first time.

“The castle visit was the best, you could see for miles, I didn’t realise Launceston was so high”. Chloe Smith

This year, we introduced a new ‘golden ticket’ element to the annual shield competition. Tutors and teachers were given golden tickets to hand to the students who they believed had put time, effort and heraldry knowledge into their shields. Needless to say, the candidates were impressive:

“The thought and care put into the design and manufacture of 7VSJ’s shields was truly impressive, the best crop of “armoury” in years, I’d be worried if I saw this lot running towards me!” Mrs. James (Year 7 tutor)

The results of the competition will be announced in the next year 7 assembly. Watch this space!

Castles day forms an important part of the Year 7 scheme of learning. The history department would like to thank everyone for their participation, effort and support to make the day such a success.