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Carol Concert 2017

After weeks of practice and hours of dedication from students all over the College, Friday’s Christmas Carol Concert in St Mary Magdalene’s Church was fantastic.

A range of talents were shared with songs from the choir, readings from Various students such as Annabelle Barnes, Caitlin Murray, Lauren Goodman and many more. A drama performance collaborated by Ms Mason and a poetry by heart performed by Myah Smith; All of which were brilliant!

The Hymns sang by the congregation and all the students gave the evening such a cohesive atmosphere, whilst Mrs Samuels returned to played the Organ.

The culmination of speeches from Reverend George Darby, Principal Mr Maywood, and Governor Peter Crispin gave us all an insight into the true meaning of Christmas, and I believe that the College is now thoroughly in the Christmas spirit.

Thank you to all those who made the Christmas Carol concert possible, Especially to Mr Strike for dedicating so much time to it all!

Amelia Martin