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CaféScientifique, Launceston Awards 2018

At its recent July meeting, CaféScientifique, Launceston (CaféSci) once again invited students in Year 11 at Launceston College, taking part in its “Aspire” programme, to give their own presentations on scientific topics to the assembled membership.  As last year, the students taking part gave a wide-ranging set of talks, competing for prizes, this year in the categories: “Life Sciences” and “Science & the Arts”.  There was also a Members’ Choice award.

After the 5 talks followed by question and answer sessions, the meeting adjourned as usual for coffee and cakes while the judges deliberated and the votes for Members’ Choice scrutinized. CaféSci committee member and chair of judges, Professor Michael Moore, announced the results as follows:

In the category “Life Sciences”:

Joint prize-winners: Coral Benfield for her talk “What bacteria can teach us about human medicine” and Ellie Fish for “The SSRIs”

Highly commended: Sam Harrison for his talk “Addiction”.

In the category: “Science & the Arts”:

Prize-winner: Rosie Sheldrake for “Flinders Petrie”.

Highly commended: Millie Haydon for “The Renaissance – the Rebirth of Science”.

In the category “Members’ Choice”

Prize-winner: Ellie Fish

Highly commended: Rosie Sheldrake

The Launceston College “Aspire” programme identifies able students and offers these students opportunities to develop their thinking and their academic confidence through a range of extra events, visits and experiences including being mentored by volunteer experts including CaféSci  founder, Professor Colin Webb MBE FRS and Professor Fenella Wojnarowska and Brenda Hooton, CaféSci committee members.

A very enjoyable and instructive evening was had by all who attended and it is hope to repeat the awards next year.