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Café Scientifique

On Tuesday 16 July, Café Sci hosted their annual competition for Year 12 students, and this year Launceston College students were joined by those from our MAT partner Bideford College. Each student gave a 15 minute lecture on a topic of their choice to an audience including distinguished scientists along with many of us who are interested in the sciences, plus a judging panel. The lectures given covered topics including: The effects of climate change on tectonic activity; Volcanic activity beyond the Earth; An exploration of Martian geology; How geography influences holiday decisions and A consideration of the nature of gravity. All 5 students gave very assured performances and had clearly undertaken a lot of research in order to prepare and deliver their lectures in such a capable and confident manner. After the lectures, the speakers and audience paused for cakes and coffee whilst the judges deliberated. The audience were asked to choose their favourite lecture too via a ballot.  The Earth Sciences winner was Toby Evans, with 2nd going to Chandler James. The Physics & Space Explorations winner was  Talan Skerry with joint 2nd going to Joe Metcalfe and Lucy Hocking. The audience were evenly split, so the Member’s Choice was shared between Talan Skerry & Joe Metcalfe. The prizes were sponsored by Launceston Town Council and by Launceston Rotary Club, and we are grateful to both organisations for their support of our students.

The next Café Sci meeting will be at The Eagle House Hotel on Tuesday 17 September, and will be on the topic of hunting for distant galaxies. This event is open to all, and full details can be found by searching for the Café Sci website.