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Budding Young Writers Meet Inspiring Authors at Eden Project

On Monday 9th May, Mrs Williams took Noah Adams, Dotty Hollister and Madie Layton-House to the Eden Project, for the Kernow Youth Book Awards.

This is the first time KYBA has been able to be staged since 2019, so it was a really special occasion. The ceremony celebrates children and young adult authors and gives students the opportunity to hear authors talk about their writing process and their inspiration, with time to meet the authors and ask them questions.

The authors we met were:

  • Emily Barr
  • Karl Nova
  • Rob Badcock
  • Clare Owen

Madie asked Karl Nova one of the best questions he’d been asked and we were lucky to get a signed copy of his poetry book.

We were also really lucky to be treated to an advanced reading of Emily Barr’s new YA novel, ‘Ghosted’. It hadn’t been released at the time of the ceremony!

Something else that was exciting, was that two of the novels were set in Cornwall and the authors were really proud of their links to the County.

Here’s what Noah and Dotty had to say about it:

Eden/KYBA – by Noah Adams.

I went to KYBA and it was cool. There were lots of authors who gave a short description and background information on their books. In KYBA there were some free books and competitions to be entered to win prizes and gift bags at the end! Also, I think that it was really good that there was a bookstore to buy books that are popular and the underrated books that the authors had written.

I recommend you read: Emily Barr [my personal fav], Karl Nova, Clare Owen, Rob Badcock and Flo Allen, who is only 11!

My Day At Eden – by Dotty Hollister

At 9:10am we started our journey from school. Around 9:45, we arrived and made our way down to the book awards by the entrance to Eden. We were given our welcome bag and sat in the audience.

At first, they introduced Emily Barr, she had written ‘Ghosted’ and was talking about her experience. She also announced a competition for the day where one of the audience could win a signed copy of her new book!

The next author was Karl Nova. His novel was about his experiences from when his Mum took him to and then left him in Nigeria with his father who he had never met before and then when he discovered rap and how rap relates to poetry.He was easy to listen to and very bubbly and exciting.

The next author was Rob Badcock and his novel was about a cave he had found on Minions during the pandemic, ‘Quarantine Cave’.  He was inspired by the landscape and felt that he needed to write about it.

The final author was Clare Owen, she wrote ‘Zed and the Cormorants’ – it’s about a girl who moved from London to Cornwall because her family needed a fresh start and lots of strange things start happening. She thinks that it has something to do with a flock of cormorants she believes are haunting her.

We also met 11 year old Flo Allen, who was telling us about her fourth book she had written!