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Bricklaying Students Discuss their Course

Students studying bricklaying at Launceston College’s construction centre have been discussing their course.

The Launceston College construction centre has helped me learn how the real world works and showed me a very desirable career path. I haven’t been going to the construction centre for very long but already Mr Goodman and Mrs Butler have taught me and the other members of the class how to use many different tools and taught me meanings of many words and phrases in the industry. I would highly recommend choosing the construction centre as one of the year ten options.
Jack Smith Year 10

The construction centre helped me to focus more and to do my homework on time. It has also helped me to do my work in the given time that is given to me to complete the work. I have enjoyed my time at the construction centre because Mr Goodman makes most things better, and you are remembering a lot more because you are having fun when you are doing the work. It has also helped me focus at school more to get the grades I need to leave school and not have to retake my exams, it has also helped me get to places on time or early, because if you are late you are wasting other people time. It has helped me learn new skills about learning and about construction.
Shane Davey Year 11

Ever since I have attended the Launceston college construction unit, it has helped me in many ways. Firstly, is has helped me gain confidence in most things I do by helping me push past my boundaries and setting goals higher than the previous one. The staff M Goodman and C Butler, their support is second to none and they will help you learn and support you with the course if you don’t understand how to do something. It is also a course that I find very enjoyable such as the practical side of it. I always receive help with the course work as I sometimes struggle with it.
Levi Ward Year 12

I have been going to the construction centre since I was in year 10 and I am an apprentice bricklayer. The construction centre is a very good place to learn the bricklaying trade, Mr Goodman and Mrs Butler are incredibly good at their job they will help you to achieve the best of your ability, by giving you course work to do at home so you are never behind. The beginner’s practical training is very good and understanding, they allow you to understand the basics of bricklaying. Mr Goodman and Mrs Butler are really good at showing you ways of making the build easier to build. My experience at the centre has been brilliant, from working hard and being determined to do well I am now a bricklaying apprentice, I love my job and if it wasn’t for Mr Goodman and Mrs Butler I wouldn’t have been able to have done it.

If you are interested in doing this trade I would highly recommend doing it at the Launceston College construction centre.
Tom Shilling Apprentice