Expressive Arts News

Arts Day

On March 11th around 200 Launceston College students from Year 7 and 8 took part in the first annual Arts Day at Launceston College.

It featured four Expressive Arts subjects that student competed in they were: Creative Writing, Drama, Art and Music.

Trevithick were able to win the Drama and Music competition whereas Rescorla won the creative writing competition and Causley won the Art competition,

The overall winners were Trevithick they will receive the Arts Day Trophey at the end of term.

The aim of the event was to get more people involved with the Arts because it is sometimes pilloried or looked over by people.The whole day was organised by Trevithick House Captain Harry Japes and Head of Expressive Arts Mrs Rose who with the help of the other House Captains and a few other year elevens were able to pull off a new event that can only get bigger and better next year.