Year 9 Residential Week 2018

Our annual Year 9 Residential Week will take place 19-23 March 2018.

Year 9 Residential Week is an important part of the school curriculum and an introduction to Key Stage 4 study. Activities are not only of educational value, but also develop and build the skills that will form the foundation of all GCSE courses.

The Year 9 residential week will build on the Year 7 residential programme, active learning weeks in Year 7 and 8 and the academic review process.  It will also be used to develop relationships that will prepare the learners for life at Launceston College, and the wider community.

A copy of this year’s Year 9 Residential Week booklet is available from the link below.

Year 9 Residential Booklet Year 9 Residential Booklet


Island Trust parents meeting letter

Dartmoor for parents meeting letter

Dartmoor kit list

Treyarnon for parents meeting letter

Treyarnon kit list

Island trust kit list and venue information