Important Notices

Addendum to the Uniform Policy October 2020

Uniform is an essential part of a Launceston College students identity. We expect all College students to take pride in their appearance and to remember that they are ambassadors for their College. All students should wear their uniform correctly each day.

The College uniform is:

Plain white polo shirt with collar

When worn the collar must be visible. Shirts must at least be long enough to meet the top of the trousers. Any t-shirt or vest worn underneath the polo shirt must not be visible.

Plain black tailored trousers of a traditional design

Not skinny trousers, jeans, chinos and trousers with pockets on the legs. Trousers should be full length and meet the top of the shoe. Socks should not be visible if trousers are the correct length. If a belt is worn it must be black.

Plain black tailored knee length pleated skirt of a traditional design (girls)

Skirts should not be of jersey stretch material. Skirts should be knee or near-knee length.

College navy blue sweatshirt or jumper

With College logo.

Plain black or dark grey socks

No logos, sports socks, low cut trainer socks or shoe liners.

Plain black polishable school shoes

Shoes must be wholly black, with no white or coloured markings and any laces must be black. Trainers, boots, skate shoes, shoes designed for leisure wear, suede or canvas shoes or shoes with prominent logos are not permitted. See images as a clear guide – none look like or could be considered as trainers or leisurewear.

Shoes should be kept clean and smart.

In line with our existing College uniform policy students may wear underlayers to keep warm, however these should not be visible.

For the period of COVID restrictions only students may also wear an additional outer layer.

Students are expected to wear underlayers for additional warmth before wearing an additional outer layer.

An outer layer should preferably be a coat of plain design, without offensive logos.

Please note that hoods should be worn down at all times inside the building.

Hats, including caps, scarfs and gloves should not be worn indoors.