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Active Citizenship

Year 11 Citizenship students have been working hard this term to make a difference. As part of their course they have to plan and carry out an active citizenship project to make a difference about something they feel passionate about. Their examination will test them on their project from the planning and research to the impact that they have had.

This year has been really impressive. We have students who have raised awareness about a number of issues including challenging working conditions in garment factories, collecting donations to help support the homeless in Cornwall, raising the profile of the foodbank, campaigning for global access to the  COVID vaccine and gender pay equality in sport. One of the recent responses we have had was to a campaign for improved support and resources for mental health and wellbeing in schools. Below are letters responding to one group of students: Xavier Martin-Williams, Kerry Hillman and Annabel Jeffery.

Annabelle Jeffery – signed response

Scott Mann MP – signed response