The College has several ramps and lifts to facilitate easier access into and within the buildings.  Doors have been adapted and note has been made of an audit of facilities and access to curriculum.  Specialist equipment has been made available to individual students for their use in a variety of lessons and in some instances the LA has provided laptop computers for individuals.

Launceston College is a Dyslexia-friendly college.

The college will comply with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and work with the Local Authority to bring access issues up to standard with reference to curriculum, premises and communication with students and their homes.

In the long-term the intention is to ensure that the college is wholly accessible in curricular, premises and communication terms to all the people who may be served by it. To this end we will focus on all access strategies which will aim to overcome some of the barriers to learning or participation experienced by disabled people served by or serving the college.

Should any prospective child or member of staff be in need of premises adaptation the governors will inform the Local Authority immediately.