The A Plus Award

Know, that by the end of each year, you have done some very special things!!

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The Launceston College A Plus Award is new for September 2016. It is an award which seeks to encourage and reward young people for the extra challenges that they might take on. We call it co-curricular; it sits next to the regular school curriculum of English, mathematics, science etc. but has a wider personal development objective. Much like the Duke of Edinburgh Award it is focussed on the whole individual; however at Launceston College we would wish for all students to be involved in this award and for all students to collate an electronic record of their achievements. When Kurt Hahn developed the Duke of Edinburgh Award he did so because he wanted young people to realise “there is more in you than you think.” We aim for the A Plus award to achieve the same.

The award focuses on five key areas
Adventure – including attendance on residentials which develop life skills
Performance – seeing and being involved in live events
Learning – including achieving subject targets and being responsible for reflecting on one’s progress
Understanding Others –  including contributing to the support of others in your local and widening community
Skills – developing new skills and knowledge outside of the College main curriculum

To complete an award all five elements should have been successfully achieved by the end of a specified period:
Tin Award – end of Year 7
Bronze Award – end of Year 9
Silver Award – end of Year 11
Gold Award – end of Year 13
Platinum Award – returning alumni

However, for each element achieved there are e-medals which will be recorded on the electronic portfolio. It is quite possible for a Year 7 students to achieved a gold e-medal for performance, for example by appearing in the RSC, whilst yet to complete their tin award – which would rely on being 80% or more on target with their subjects by the end of the year.

All awards will be presented at the start of the new academic year and will include a smartly designed A Plus badge, linked to award level, to be worn on their uniform, or to be kept as a memento when they have left College.

To explore each of the areas further please click on the images above. For students to log on to the A Plus Award they should click on the A Plus logo and enter their College username.