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October 2018

What is the A-Plus award?

The A-Plus award is an online portfolio that tracks and recognises your achievements across your time at College.  When you leave Year 11 or 13 it will be a good tool to remember what you have achieved as well as helping you write your CV or UCAS reference.  We think that if you achieve in all areas it will help you develop the knowledge, skills and values that allow you to become happy, successful and responsible.

What does A-Plus stand for?

The award focuses on five key areas
Adventure – including attendance on residential activities which develop life skills
Performance – seeing and being involved in live events
Learning – including achieving subject targets and being responsible for reflecting on one’s progress
Understanding Others – including contributing to the support of others in your local and widening community
Skills – developing new skills and knowledge outside of the College main curriculum

What levels of A-Plus are there and what criteria are to be achieved for each level?

You can complete an award at any time but you should aim to complete all five areas of a level by the end of a specified period:
Tin Award – end of Year 7
Bronze Award – end of Year 9
Silver Award – end of Year 11
Gold Award – end of Year 13
Platinum Award – ongoing alumni

What do I need to do to achieve an award?

If you click on any of the tabs above they will give you the information that is specific to the award you are aiming for.  For each section you must write at least 100 words as well as uploading any photos that can help evidence your achievement; remember this will help form part of your CV in years to come so the more you put in the better.

How does each section get approved?

Once you have achieved each section there is a button which allows you to send it to a staff member for approval.  The staff member you send it to should be able to verify that you have actually completed what you say you have!  If that staff member requires more information they will send it back to you and ask for more information before they approve it.  Each of the information sheets for each award gives you a recommendation of who to send your evidence to in order to be approved.

What happens when I complete each area of a level?

This means that you have achieved your award and are due for a badge and certificate!  Once you have completed all areas a button will appear that allows you to notify your Head of House that you have completed an award.  Your Head of House will then present your badge and certificate in assembly at the end of each term.

Do all the areas have to be achieved in school-only events? 

No, you can use evidence from activities that you take part in outside of school but you must have achieved them since you started at Launceston College (September in your Year 7).  However some areas, like learning, can only be achieved through evidence obtained in school.

For example – if you have played football for a local team from September in Year 7 (training every week and playing matches at the weekend) until the end of Year 11 then you would have easily achieved the 250 hours required for the Platinum Skills area.

If you wish to use evidence from outside of school then you need to get a responsible adult to verify your claim as well as uploading photos yourself.  Upload this evidence to your online portfolio and then ask a relevant staff member to approve it (your tutor could do this).

Can I work on all areas / levels at the same time?

No.  You begin on Tin and cannot achieve any other level without first completing the Tin award.  However, each area of another level will open up once you have completed the previous level.

For example, if you have achieved the Tin area for Adventure then you will be able to enter evidence for the Bronze Adventure area.  But you won’t be able to achieve the Bronze award unless you have fully achieved the Tin award.

Can I use the same evidence for different levels?

You cannot use the same event for the same criteria at different levels of the scheme unless it is a continuation of the same activity area e.g. coaching at the local primary school for a term can be used for Tin and if this extends to 6 months then it can be used for Silver but you cannot use one year of 10 Tors training for adventure in tin, bronze, silver and gold.

When do I upload my evidence?

Any time you want.  The online portfolio is accessible from anywhere you want so there is no excuse for waiting!

Mr Daymond
October 2018