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Translation Festival

A group of 16 A level French and Spanish students went to Exeter to take part in the first ever one-day translation festival organised by the University of Exeter. The festival was a celebration of languages and cultures from across the world. Students took part in a range of talks, workshops and interactive sessions run by local and international translation experts, authors,  translators, artists and musicians, at venues around Exeter city centre including the public library, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and the multi-artform venue of the Phoenix.

This is what some of our students thought about the attached programme:

“My favourite workshop was the Spanish Literary Translation Duel because it was very interesting to see each writer’s different interpretations of the same Spanish text and they talked in detail about why they had chosen specific words, expressions, etc…”

“My favourite workshop was the French Poetry Translation Duel even though I don’t take French! It was interesting to me as I never considered how difficult translating poetry from one language to another could be!”

“Personnally, I loved the 4-D Translation Game because it incorporated Russian, Hungarian, French, Spanish, German, Polish and other languages in a trail around Exeter. It was amazing to watch and hear the other members of the team translating into their own language (as we had a Hungarian and Polish person in our group)”

“The best workshop was the British Sign Language because it was inspirational and really interesting. It made me think about our education system; we should learn how to sign!”

“I had a really good day at the Translation Festival – I learnt a lot about the art of translation. I particularly enjoyed the BSL version of ‘Jabberwocky’, it made me really want to learn more sign language. Overall it was a very informative day and a useful experience.”

“I especially enjoyed the Translation with the Experts as it really showed how much work goes into translating. I also liked it because it was interactive; we were put to the challenge faced by translators when we were asked to translate a tourist brochure!”