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As part of National Storytelling Week, students at Launceston College were treated to a day of traditional story telling today.  Merrick Durling, professional storyteller, captured the attention and imagination of students from Year 7 to Year 10 with his energetic and engaging tales. He taught them how to use Ragi, the ancient art of spontaneous storytelling, immersing students in stories of their own without inhibition.  Workshop focuses included Chaucer and travel, the Romantic era and creative writing.  One particular story which resonated with students was the story of Jack Warne who, according to folklore, was a four-year-old mine worker on Dartmoor!

Some comments from a group of Year 8 students included: “We were really impressed by the sound effects which made the story come to life.” “We liked the story that was true; it allowed us to learn something about history.” “I really liked the language you chose to use in your stories.”

A number of students would love to be storytellers in the future!